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A Multilateral Committee is established that usually consists of two academic representatives from each university, including a president elected by a majority among the members. The meetings of this committee may also be attended by other personnel (academic and administrative) involved in the project, without a right to vote.

The Committee will meet at least once a year, alternating among the four participating Universities. Additional meetings can be made also with the support of electronic media (tele-conferences, phone-conferences, e-mail…).

The Multilateral Committee has the following tasks:

  • To create the conditions necessary for implementation of the agreement;
  • To define every year specific elements of the calls of candidatures for students (e.g. TOEFL minimum scores);
  • To manage the tuition and fee policy;
  • To approve a provisional budget and a cost statement for the implementation of the activities;
  • To change the conditions for the participation in the project, if specific reasons require it;
  • To control the procedures of the program of studies;
  • To approve a mark conversion scale;
  • To manage exceptions and problematic cases;
  • To coordinate the academic staff exchanges (number and mobility);
  • To decide upon changes to the agreements with regard to the mobility scheme, the structure of the degrees and the credit recognition schemes.