ICT Education @ DISI
DISI - Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science

About the Program

Educational Goals and programs

The four partner universities are jointly offering a two-year Master of Science in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering. The program provides students with the right mix of science, engineering, and application, preparing them for a professional life in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. Upon successful completion of the dual degree program, the following titles will be awarded (the US one, plus a European one, according to the mobility scheme:

  • GIT – Master of Science in Computer Science or Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering;


  • TUM – Master of Science, or
  • PoliTO - Laurea specialistica/magistrale in Ingegneria elettronica, o in Ingegneria Informatica, in Ingegneria delle Telecomunicazioni (Master of Science in Electronic Engineering or in Computer Engineering or in Telecommunication Engineering), or
  • UniTN – Laurea magistrale in Informatica (Master of Science in Computer Science).

Students will attend the 1st and 2nd semesters at their home University and the 3rd and 4th semesters at the overseas University; a short period at a second European partner university is also required by the EU Commission sponsoring the program, in which the student has to gain 10 ECTS credits for research activities. This period will be scheduled between the first and second year, or after the second year. During the 4th semester the students will identify and propose a joint research thesis, under the support of a joint tutorship between the two partner Universities. The work on the thesis will be performed mainly at the University where the 4th semester is attended.

Individual study plans

The partner institutions have agreed on a general study plan for the participating students. The purpose of the study plan is to make sure that the courses taken at one institution can be transferred to the other institution and automatically recognized. Having said this, individual study plans will be designed for each of the students

Academic calendar

A general scheme of the mobility scheme and the academic calendars are described in this document.


Each incoming student is assigned a tutor that helps him/her in the organization of his/her educational activities. The tutor, in particular, is usually very helpful in dealing with the problems related to the student’s start-up.

Admission requirements

Students to be admitted will be selected by each partner university, based on a common selection process concerning applicant's curriculum, skills, motivations, recommendation letters and certified language competences.

Degree and Thesis examination

The final examination consists of a public discussion on a dissertation written by the student with the help of a supervisor.